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  • Wings of the Wind

    Wiki Progress

    August 13, 2012 by Wings of the Wind

    Hi all!

    In less than 6 months, our wiki has made remarkable improvement. We now have 200+ pages, more than 500 pics and exceptional info on Blood+

    I think major character pages can be perfected within this week. Now, my suggestion is that we apply for the featured wiki spot as we have earned the eligiblity. What say? I'm waiting for all of your approval...

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  • Wings of the Wind

    Name Trouble

    April 22, 2012 by Wings of the Wind

    Every time I think I've finished creating all character pages, a new character seems to sprout up. I'm facing quite a dillemma with the recent ones. Is it Gray or Glay? Somewhere I read it's written Glay while another place indicates it as Gray. Another troublemaker is Van. Is his lastname Argeno or Argiano? Was it Grigory or Gregory? Btw are the twins (Diva's daughters) named? I'm totally confused...If anyone have any opinion or knowledge as to what's the correct one, please share it.

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