Here are the terms used in Blood+ anime.


Special type of chiropteran with far more enhanced abilities than other Chiropterans. A chevalier has the special ability to mate with queen chiropteran.


Also known as Yakushu; they are monsters with enhanced speed and strength created from the blood of their queens.

Corpse Corps

Created using Diva's blood samples and data of Moses. They are void of emotions and have no thorn or vulnarability to sunlight.


Also the fifth base; it is the unknown base (other than adenine, guanine, cytosine and thyamine) in the DNA of chiropterans that gives them special abilities.


Name used by Van Argiano to call the chiropterans.


Queen chiropteran is the source of all chiropterans as she has the reproduction ability. Everytime a queen conceives, she loses her blood power of healing. A queen always gives birth to twin queens with repelling blood attributes.


Created from Diva's blood; they are previous versions of corpse corps. Their weakness is thorn which gradually spreads and they get destroyed in sunlight.


A special kind of deficiency grown among schiffs that can lead to their demise.

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