General Information
Age 13+
Gender Female
Race Human
Status Deceased
Height 5'1"
Family Yuri (Father)
Occupation Villager
Appearance Blood+ Anime
Blood+ Adagio
Blood+ Light Novel
Status Minor Character
Debut Episode 17
Other Information
Japanese Voice Kaori Nazuka
English Voice Liz Sroka

Sonya was a young girl in a Russian village who was killed and impersonated by Grigori.


She lived there with her father who was her only family. She and her father somehow helped Grigory and in return he made a plot and killed them both. Grigory assumed Sonya's appearance and remained in the village, killing all villagers one by one.

In 1918, the fake Sonya comes face to face with Saya and gets closer with her. However, her true identity is revealed when she kills Roba and transforms into chiropteran form. Saya then kills the impersonating Sonya.

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