SPAS-12 along with other rifles

The SPAS-12 is very often shown as a pump action shotgun firing buckshot. It's a combination action shotgun, capable of pump or semi-auto with the pressing of a button. Usually, the gun is only used in pump mode when underpowered shells are used. Only full loads are capable of operating the semi-auto system.

Used By

  • David
  • Lewis
  • Spencer
  • Roger
  • McCoy

In the Anime

When Saya, Hagi and David go to rescue George, David equips himself with a Franchi SPAS-12 with no stock and loaded with slug rounds. Lewis mentions that this weapon is not enough to kill a Chiropteran, but David comments that it's all he needs because Saya is the ultimate weapon against Chiropterans.

In Episode 12, Red Shield agents all carry SPAS-12s when the group assaults the Cinq Fleche facility in Vietnam. Lewis also uses a SPAS-12s on various occasions throughout the series.

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