Omoro is the Miyagusuku family restaurant located in Okinawa. It serves as a bar, coffee shop, restaurant at the same time.

In the Anime

George Miyagusuku started Omoro after he settled down in Okinawa. With his family died in an accident, he adopted Kai and Riku. After Saya awakens, she also becomes a part of the family and the three of them help their dad to run the place.

After George's death, the place was shut for a while. Near the end of chase after Diva, Kai wishes that when all's over, he and Saya might return to Omoro and run the restaurant together. When Diva is dead, Saya and Kai return to Omoro. A party is thrown at Omoro with all the friends and comrades. But Kai's dream to run Omoro with Saya stays a dream as Saya succumbs to her 30 years hibernation.

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