General Information
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Race Chiropteran
Status Alive
Kanji ルルゥ
Height 4'0"
Family Karman
Faction Schiff
Red Shield
Occupation Hunting Saya (former),
Red Shield member
Appearance Blood+ Anime
Blood+ Light Novel
Status Supporting Character
Debut Episode 26
Other Information
Japanese Voice Chiwa Saito
English Voice Lara Jill Miller

Lulu is the youngest Schiff member and the sole survivor among the Schiffs until the last. She has purple hair and emerald green eyes. She carries a battle axe for a weapon.


After breaking out of their imprisoned state, the ten Schiffs set out in search for Saya to obtain her blood which according to a dying scientist, is the only thing that can stop Thorn's effect. However, they come to know that they were misled. It's Diva's blood they require, not Saya's.

Henceforth, Lulu develops a liking to Saya. She seeks Saya out in times of trouble for aid. She also hangs around Saya for company, much to Karman's dislike. Before Karman and Moses embrace the Sun and accept death, they leave their weapons to Kai, telling him to pass those to Lulu. Kai does as requested and Lulu grieves after her last teammates, treasuring their memories as she lives on. Being the only Schiff alive and not having developed a Thorn yet, Lulu is taken under the care of the Red Shield where she fights alongside Saya and others. After the final battle is over, Lulu also goes to Okinawa where she gets regular supply of blood from Red Shield.

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