Kaori Kinjō
General Information
Age 16+
Gender Female
Race Human
Status Alive
Kanji 金城 香里
Height 5'2"
Family Mrs. Kinjō (mother)
Occupation Student
Appearance Blood+ Anime
Blood+ Light Novel
Status Supporting Character
Debut Episode 01
Other Information
Japanese Voice Mai Kadowaki
English Voice Amber Hood

Kaori Kinjō is a high-school girl living in Okinawa. She is Saya's best friend in Okinawa.


Kaori is a cheerful girl with a slight dark complexion and dark brown hair.


Kaori studies in Koza Commerce High School and attends the same class as Saya. She spends time with her after class, practicing sports and dining at Omoro. Her appearance was brief as Saya gets involved in chiropteran affairs and leaves Okinawa.

When Saya makes a short visit back home, Kai invites Kaori around to cheer up Saya. She hangs at the beach party and has fun time with everyone.

Kaori is shown when the live telecast of Diva's performance starts. Later, she attends the small party thrown at Omoro after Saya and Kai return to Okinawa.


She cheers Saya up during sports and also helps to lighten up her spirits when needed.