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James Ironside
James Ironside
General Information
Age 75+
Gender Male
Race Chiropteran (Chevalier)
Status Deceased
Kanji アイアンサイド・ジェームズ
Physical Attributes
Height 5'9"
Hair Color Jet Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Family Diva (Queen/ called 'Mother')
Faction Cinq Fleches
Occupation Army Officer
Appearance Blood+ Anime
Blood+ Manga
Status Supporting Character
Debut Episode 01
Other Information
Japanese Voice Toru Okawa
English Voice David Rasner

James Ironside was one of Diva's Chevaliers and was in contact with the US military. He is also leader of corpse corps.


James is most likely of African decent therefore he has a dark complexion with neatly cut jet black hair and deep dark brown eyes. James being a soldier usually has a calm and serious look on his face he also seems physically fit due to his training as soldier. He wears a black soldier uniform with his military service ribbons pinned to his right breast for almost all of the series


James was almost always seen in his formal military uniform.


Becoming a Chevalier

James Ironside became one of Diva's chevaliers in 1945 in Berlin, Germany during the second World War. He is the Cinq Flèches' contact with the US military, and later was appointed by Amshel as leader of the Corpse Corps and to take on the task of killing Saya.

On Christina Island

When he lured Saya's group to Christina Island to eliminate Saya, he was struck by Saya's sword and fell into the trap he had set to bury her in. He was saved when Nathan retrieved him and Amshel had most of his body replaced with Schiff parts.


Once Diva realizes that most of his body has been replaced with Schiff parts, she disapproves of it, and begins to avoid him. Towards the end of the series, James begins to lose his sanity due to his crumbling relationship with Diva, and he takes out his rage on the Schiff, whom he regards as inferior organisms to himself. In his final battle against Saya, James begins to succumb to the Thorn before being killed by Saya.


He was extremely devoted to caring for and protecting Diva. He considers her his beloved "Mama" and always carries her picture with him in a locket.

Exceptional Abilities

  • Armored Skin: In his chiropteran form, James' skin hardens to the point where it can easily withstand bullets and blades.
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