Corpse corps
The corpse corps are created from Diva's blood. However, they have anti-chiropteran characteristics and can be used to kill chiropterans.

In the Anime


The Corpse Corps are created by Van, using the research materials of Collins and Julia. They are kept under the command of James.


They almost resemble the Schiff (especially Moses in terms of physical structure) in abilities, being the ultimate form created from the same base, with the exception of having no side effect of thorn. They are skilled fighters void of emotion and transforms their left hands as longswords to use for weapon. Their strength and speed are higher than that of the Schiff. Their initial life span is 7 days, which, if necessary, can be extended manipulating the blood. However, they are equally vulnerable to Saya's blood.

On Manga


In the Blood+ manga, the Corpse Corps are created by Van under Amshel's orders.


They resemble Charles because they are actually his clones. Charles is picked to be their base as he was Diva's favorite chevalier (in manga only). They have the unique ability to stop regeneration of chiropteran hierarchy (queens and chevaliers). The only dangerous part of their limb are the claws which display their unique ability.

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