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Cinq Flèches is a pharmaceutical company owned by the Goldsmiths, who are a branch of the Goldschmidt family. The five chevaliers of Diva are in this faction.

Cinq Flèches is also active in other industries, operating hundreds of companies, including food production, the high-tech industry, and military contracts. The group even has influential contacts within the United States government. Amshel holds the power of attorney of the company and owns the research faculty as well as patronizing the other faculties. Solomon headed the company as the most successful CEO. But after his betrayal, Amshel appoints Van Argiano as the new CEO of Cinq Flèches. Karl is the chairperson of Le Lycèe Des Cinq Flèches (High School of the Five Arrows) in Vietnam and James presides the faculty regarding military contracts.

Consuming the products of this company cause humans to turn into chiropteran when hearing Diva's Song. And the chances increase from 30% to 100% if the song is heard in person or through live broadcast.


  • Cinq Flèches roughly translates to "Five Arrows" in French. It may also be a reference to Diva's five Chevaliers.

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