Step 1

Create the page with the character's full name...e.g. Saya Otonashi.

Step 2

Add description of the character. If you lack adequate info, assemble in one para. If you have sufficient information, arrange them in following sections:

  • Introduction
  • Appearance
  • Personality
  • Plot
  • Abilities

Step 3

Add infobox character template on top of the page. Fill up the infobox with required information and a good quality picture of the character. There are 3 types of character infobox:

  • Infobox character: for Saya and characters related or supporting her
  • Infobox character 2: for Diva and her associates
  • Infobox character 3: for the Schiff

Step 4

Categorize the character according to relevant factions, races etc.