Outside of the building

Kai's new york apartment
The apartment in New York where Saya and the other Red Shield members stay during their hunt for Diva. It is located in Little Italy, Manhattan. Saya, Hagi, Kai, Mao and Okamura are seen to stay there. Lulu often comes to pay a visit to Saya or watch tv. There is also arrangement for Saya's blood transfusions.

In the Anime

The Red Shield first move into this apartment in Episode 41 and spend the remainder of the last season there.

In Episode 45 Moses shows up to kill Kai in exchange for Diva's blood from James. However, after Saya stops Moses from attacking Kai, the latter runs out and escapes to Central Park.

During Episode 47, James attacks a sleeping Saya at night. Upon waking up, they do battle in front of the building.

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