General Information
Age 16+
Gender Female
Race Human
Status Deceased;
identity assumed by Diva
Family Romanov Family
Faction Russian Royalty
Appearance Blood+ Adagio Manga
Other Information

'Tsarevna Anastasia' or 'Princess Anastasia', was the youngest of four siblings and grand princess of the Romanov empire. Her identity was assumed by Diva.


Grand princess Anastasia is the fourth daughter of Emperor Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra. It is not mentioned when and how but Diva had assumed her identity and remained in the Romanov palace under Grigori's guidance.

Manga Plot

[please note that the plot only encompasses Diva's life assuming the identity of Anastasia.]

Blood+ Adagio I

Anastasia debuts with Alexei, listening to the music of the orchestra. She wants to visit it but Alexei is worried that their mother might scold them. So, the young princess comes up with another idea of passing fun-time. She brings stilts to walk with and even brings one of her mother's gowns to put on. The she tells Alexei to get under her so that the two of them could make an adult stature. The shy Alexei refuses to do so just when their mother enters the scene. Anastasia gets severely scolded for making Alexei undergo exertion. She is reminded again and again that her brother has poor health and cannot indulge in the same mischief as her. Anastasia retorts to her mother who raises her hand on the impulse but is stopped by Grigori.

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